An unforgettable experience


Pago de Carraovejas has a Visits Program which aims not only to publicize the landscape and alll the facilities, but let the visitors live, for a few hours, the daily work in our winery and participate in the detailed care of each of the processes involved in winemaking. The experience begins with a tour of the vineyard, an opportunity to enjoy the exceptional views afforded by our panoramic windows and balconies.

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Inside the large and modern facilities of the winery , we have space dedicated to all kinds of events. We are especially proud of the balconies and viewpoints looking out from the large dining rooms.

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Our kitchen aims to revive the most traditional flavors of Castile and Leon, those long-enjoyed traditional Dzdown-to-earthdz flavors of but with a high-quality, modern cuisine approach. Respect for the primary products, the flavors and the unique aspects of each product comprise the basis of our philosophy, at all times seeking harmony between food and drink, thus shaping the cuisine accompanying our tours and private events.

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