Evolution and vanguard


01 The cuisine

Our kitchen aims to revive the most traditional flavors of Castile and Leon, those long-enjoyed traditional Dzdown-to-earthdz flavors of but with a high-quality, modern cuisine approach. Respect for the primary products, the flavors and the unique aspects of each product comprise the basis of our philosophy, at all times seeking harmony between food and drink, thus shaping the cuisine accompanying our tours and private events.

We shall also soon be serving you at our Restaurant with an innovatively new approach where the lovingly-crafted prix fixe menus will be combined with a carefully-selected Dza la cartedz menu featuring the products in season. Seeking a connection with the vineyard, the grapevine grill will take center stage and will serve to highlight the fine qualities of traditional products with a new flair that you will surely find amazing.

We will have a special selection of the finest Spanish and international wines to pair with these dishes, in additional to a varied, original selection of signature cocktails.