Talent and commitment

Team Carraovejas

Vince Lombardi

“An organisation’s achievements are the result of
the combined strength of each individual”.

A great dream shared by all: To pass on a lasting legacy. Creating unforgettable experiences around wine, with a commitment to the unique qualities of the Carraovejas valley, fully expressing this unique environment. Always searching for the highest quality, a cutting edge and respect for tradition with the aim of continuing to provide expressions that will always be remembered.

A company’s talent is one of its main assets. The know-how, experience and training of those employed in Pago de Carraovejas is one of the main differentiating values that enable them to be competitive in an ever-changing environment which therefore demands a response that means adapting more and more quickly.

Everyone in the Pago de Carraovejas team gives their vey best, just like the land on which they work. Hard work and commitment that result in a genuine seal of high quality. They are all part of this extensive family, and contribute to making the human team the company’s best asset.

David Robledo

Pedro Ruiz

In addition to leading the Pago de Carraovejas wine cellar, Pedro Ruiz currently manages other wine-making projects in other prestigious areas in Spain, including the latest addition to Alma, Bodega Marañones, in the Sierra de Gredos mountains in the Madrid of Origin; it all started here in the Bodega de Pago de Carraovejas wine cellar; Aiurri, located in Leza in the Rioja Alavesa deserves special mention; Viña Meín-Emilio Rojo, in the Avia valley; Milsetentayseis, one of the areas at the highest altitude in the Ribera del Duero, in Fuentenebro; and Ossian, in Nieva, Segovia. Pedro Ruiz also manages other projects in the area of gastronomy, including the Restaurante Ambivium, with one Michelin Star; there is also SV Wines that imports unique wines; and the Cultura Líquida Foundation whose objective is the promotion of wine culture.

As a development of the Alma Carraovejas project, Pedro Ruiz is currently the President of Vitartis (Castile-León Food Industry Association) and Vice President of Castile-León Family Businesses; he also occupies other positions in other institutions, such as member of the Board of Directors of Iberaval; Director of the APD (Association for Management Progress); and he is a member of the Board of Trustees in the Foundation for Wine Culture.

In the academic field, he is a director of Master course in Wine Cellar Management at the Valladolid Chamber of Commerce Business School; he collaborates in training and presentation programmes for the IE (Business Institute); he was a Patron of Honour at the closing ceremony for the academic year for Class XIV of the MBA EXECUTIVE at the San Pablo CEU Business School; and he had the honour of being invited to speak at the TEDX Valladolid Salón where he took part in a debate on the difference between leadership and providing inspiration in companies in the 21st century. He also participates regularly in talks, conferences and training sessions in a number of fields and entities.

He also holds a number of positions in public and private institutions in the culture and wine sectors, this includes being a governor of the Peñafiel Wine Museum together with Almudena Alberca and Ronaldo Nazario; and he is a consultant on Tourism and Gastronomy at the Chamber of Commerce’s Business School in Valladolid.

His brilliant academic career features business and finance training with the Advanced Management Programme and the Senior Management Programme at the IE (Business institute), Superior Course for Family Business Consultants at the Abat Oliva San Pablo CEU University and the ADECA Programme (Senior Management of Companies in the Food Chain) at the San Telmo Institute in Seville.

Outside the business area, special mention should be given to his training in Psychology, in which he was awarded an End of Degree Special Price for the work presented, and a masters degree in Systematic Family Therapy for health sector professionals at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid. In his development in this side of his career, we are reminded of his work as a psychologist in several institutions such as the Red Cross, ARSEG (Rehabilitated Alcoholics Association in Segovia), APROME (Child Protection Association), and as a private family therapist; he has also been a teacher at the IE University.

Under the leadership of Pedro Ruiz, Alma Carraovejas and its projects received a number of prestigious awards from different public and private institutions. He has also received awards for his performance as a manager, like the one from the Castile-León Business Family in 2016 awarded by Family Company (EFCYL) and Businessman of the Year in 2017 by the Valladolid University Faculty of Commerce; Alma has also won awards in a number of fields throughout these years.

These acknowledgements feature an award for Good Human Resources (2015) and Quality (2018) management, by the Castile-León Economic Magazine. In the field of CSR, special mention should be given to the prize for the best SME with Corporate Social Responsibility by the Entrepreneur Magazine (2018); and in R+D+i, with Innovation Award in the 6th edition of the Norte de Castilla Campo Awards (2019) and his appointment as a Most Innovative Partner by the Wine Technology Platform (2020).

With regard to business development we can also find a number of more recent awards like the Valladolid Chamber of Commerce 8th Leading Company award (2018) and recognition for the Best Contribution to Social-Economic Development for the area in the 13th Wine Market Business Prizes (2020).

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