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Gran Reserva 1995

Singular vintages

Gran Reserva was only produced in two unique vintages in which the landscape and winemaking conditions allowed us to express its origin in an extremely genuine way.

  • Alcohol by volume: 14%
  • Soils: limestone texture with red clays and white loams. Low granulometry and high water retention.
  • Altitude: around 850 meters.
  • Harvest: manual, in boxes 15 kg

This wine comes exclusively from Pago de Carraovejas grapes. From this vintage, classified as excellent, the best American and French oak barrels have been selected. After resting for 24 months in barrels, it was bottled in June 1998.

“Pago de Carraovejas Gran Reserva, just two vintages of an exceptional wine”.

Vintage history