Back to 12 March!

Back to a March full of new beginnings!

Back we go! We are rubbing our hands with glee when we tell that we will be seeing each other again next Friday 12 March! After weeks and weeks of uncertainty when we were unable to welcome you to our home, all of us in the Enotourism team are getting ready to receive you again and for you to enjoy with us our wine, the estate, the gastronomy and our history.

Everything is ready, we have been checking out everywhere in the wine cellar, looking for new features and thinking about you. Looking forward to you returning has helped us improve and made us more enthusiastic than ever. And as of next Friday 12 March we will be back to offer you an experience that will bring you just a little bit closer to Pago de Carraovejas, to our estate and our own special way of working to express all the power of the landscapes that surround us.

Enoturismo Pago de Carraovejas

We started in February with an internal training cycle together with our colleagues in the Ambivium Restaurant in the I Experientia Workshops. How to improve our communication, enlist the support of body language and build harmonies were just some of the issues we were able to deal with in these training sessions; all this was in line with our search for ongoing improvement as the supporting principle. In recent weeks we have had time to absorb what we have learnt and to seek different perspectives to bring us closer to Alma Carraovejas and our way of doing things.


Here we are (again) in March and we cannot help looking back a little and remembering how complicated the last year has been and so special for everyone. But it is when we are challenged that most unusual discoveries are made and when we are able to give so much more of ourselves; that is why we can tell you that we will be back with a smile on our faces and we will toast for a month of March full of new beginnings.

Now you can see all we are offering with regard to Enotourism and if you would like to visit us, all you have to do is contact us through the booking section or call us by phone. And now, come and enjoy yourself this March!