First Meeting of Winegrowers: training and sharing of experiences

Last Wednesday we celebrated the I Encuentro de Viticultores at Pago de Carraovejas, a day of training, learning, wine, but above all friendship. After years of working with the winemakers in the area, living together dozens of harvests and relying on them to continue improving, we wanted to organize a day of meeting, sharing and enjoyment. Increasing ties with the community, sharing experiences, energizing the environment, improving relations with our suppliers, increasing wine culture and creating a network of links with our surroundings are key elements in the philosophy of Pago de Carraovejas. This meeting was born from the intention of continuing to achieve these goals and to highlight the value of years of joint work with winegrowers in the area.
A full day dedicated to training and bringing together more than 50 winegrowers to get to know the Pago de Carraovejas winery from the inside, discover some details of our winemaking process and feel part of the project..

Encuentro de Viticultores en Pago de CarraovejasViticulture at Ribera del Duero

The day began with a welcome from Pedro Ruiz, general manager of the winery, to give way to a morning in which the technical team gave different presentations on the history of Carraovejas, our way of working, viticulture techniques, etc. One of the most special presentations was given by Massimo Giudici, an expert consultant who, together with Umberto Capraro, has advised us on the adoption of a new pruning system for the entire estate. Massimo explained what the prestigious pruning method developed by Simonit & Sirch consists of and the benefits that good work in the field can bring to winemaking.
After a morning full of knowledge and anecdotes, all the winegrowers were able to continue sharing experiences during a cocktail in our Ambivium Restaurant, where wine and gastronomy were the best precedents for a visit to the winery’s facilities to discover the entire winemaking process of our wines.
We hope that this first meeting will be the beginning of a new tradition and of a closer and closer relationship with all the winemakers in the area. Thank you very much to all of you for so many years of collaboration and for joining us on such a special day! We look forward to seeing you next year with more challenges, news and stories.

Encuentro de Viticultores en Pago de Carraovejas