Developing solutions for the digitisation of water processes in the food industry

Objective: DELTA aims to contribute to the digitalisation of water processes in the food industry in Castilla y León, in order to improve eciency in the use of this resource.
To this end, a diagnosis will be made of the initial situation in terms of water processes in each participating company, which will make it possible to identify the points for telemetry and intelligent control of consumption. Based on this information, technological solutions will be identified that will enable the digitalisation of processes, so that it will be possible to automatically collect information on volumes and water quality parameters. At the same time, a platform will be developed to integrate and analyse the data collected in order to be able to design actions for improvement.

Asociación de la Industria Alimentaria de Castilla y León-VITARTIS (coordinator), Pago de Carraovejas, Bodega Cuatro Rayas, Huercasa 5ª Gama and Leche Gaza.