Respect for the environment through energy consumption


Respect. One of the main values interwoven with culture in Alma Carraovejas is respect. Respect for the culture of wine, and respect for our environment. We should never forget that we live from the fruits of the earth, the landscape that makes our wines possible. We are under an obligation to care for the environment because the earth was not bequeathed to us by our parents but loaned to us by our children.

We have been on the road to excellence for many years now. Respecting resources and taking care of them so they can be enjoyed for a long time and with better results. Not just for us, but for future generations. Both human and environmental sustainability; with the calculation of the carbon footprint, the water footprint and the search for less harmful alternatives for the future of our natural surroundings, and therefore for ourselves.

And what better way of respecting our environment than the careful consumption of electricity. This involves not only policies for saving, but also for generation. You reap what you sow. And here at the wine cellar we have decided to use the privileged location of our south-facing slopes to “harvest” energy. A commitment to the self-generation of resources that complements the savings made from roofs covered with vegetation that we have been exploiting for years.

630 solar panels installed for self-consumption with no surpluses. Including a zero discharge kit. An area where we are starting to get results, but above all, where we can verify up to what point we are able to take advantage of the sun to generate energy for our wine cellar. With respect for what we do not know. But with a strong desire to find out.