Commitment and responsibility

“Those true to themselves, having taken responsibility for being who they are, are then free to be what they are”.

Jean Paul Sartre

Sustainability is an essential value and it really is the only way forwards. The overall strategy that should be the guideline for decisions taken should involve analysing activity from a five-fold income statement, seeking balance from a financial, environmental, human resources, governance, ethical and social responsibility standpoint.

This has been the premise that has led the management of Pago de Carraovejas over the years to adopt a series of values and principles that have been transmitted to all those who work here with a view to achieving their commitment, participation and integration into our culture: The CSR of Pago de Carraovejas.

Filosofía PDC

Mission, vision and values

As an essential part of Alma Carraovejas, here in Pago de Carraovejas we seek to create unforgettable experiences around wine, committed to unique projects in pursuit of a higher purpose, with a commitment to building a unique legacy.


Management systems

As a result of this involvement with Sustainability, in 2010 we addressed the implementation of an Ethical and Socially Responsible Management system and commitments were drawn up. This is how Pago de Carraovejas responds to the challenges of transparency, integrity and sustainability.

The Management of Pago de Carraovejas invites all their staff to seek ongoing improvement in their daily work, collaborating in this way to make the Integrated Management System effect and thus to achieve greater acknowledgment for working hard as a team, by giving the customer greater satisfaction and by gaining international recognition for the quality of the wines. With this in mind, in recent years Management has implemented the following management systems in Pago de Carraovejas based on the company’s policy with regard to quality.

Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Alma Carraovejas’ sustainability report, prepared under the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) model, reflects our commitment to social and environmental responsibility on an annual basis.

Pago de Carraovejas GRI Report History

Enviromental responsability