The result of the effort

Pago de Carraovejas 2016

Our estate wine

Pago de Carraovejas 2016 is the respect for the origin, the soul of a trajectory and the emotion of a road to travel….

  • Varieties: Tinto Fino (90%), Cabernet Sauvignon (6%) and Merlot (4%).­­
  • Alcohol by volume: 15%
  • Soils: limestone texture with red clays and white loams. Low granulometry and high water retention.
  • Altitude: 850 meters
  • Harvest manual, in  boxes 15 kg

After a mild and rainy winter, the spring developed in two very different stages: the first with abundant rainfall and the second quite dry. In the second half of April, the vines in the Carraovejas Valley budded. 2016 was a climatologically stable year. The vineyard evolved safely and we soon saw the first bunches appear. The intense summer lasted until well into September, with an intense heat wave that slowed the development of the fruit for a few days, which resumed  later and its ripening period could be effectively completed. The 2016 harvest began on October 4 and ended on October 28.

Our Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot vines are spread over different slopes of the valley and  in the wilderness at over 900 meters. They are planted on tertiary soils. On the surface, loamy limestone emerges, with the presence of clay, sandstones and gypsum with a characteristic white tone.  It is  austere soils, which subjects the vines to an effort to self-regulate their vielde and give the best of themselves.

The Pago de Carraovejas 2016 grape weas harvested by hand after an exhaustive monitoring during its ripening cycle and after a first selection in the vineyard. It went through a cold chamber and selection table. It was crushed with no previus pressing, in order to preserve its purest and freshest aromas. The must was extracted by gravity.  Fermented with its our own yeasts under close control and later  underwent malolactic fermentation with native microbiota from our estate. In December of 2016 we opened the doors to the winery: the cold outside helped to refine the wine for its transfer to French and American oak barrels, where it remained for around 12 months. The whole process was defined by calmness, meticulousness and the force of gravity. Pago de Carraovejas 2016 was clarified with natural egg white and bottled in the spring of 2018.

“Although the wine will continue its evolution in the bottle and show other nuances with time, we want to share the main impressions that we note at this time. A sensation of volume and elegance in its tannins, in addition to floral nuances that accompany the fruit. In a way, it increases our desire to get closer to the terrior and express its characteristics. Our desire to bottle every landscape”.

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