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Pago de Carraovejas is synonymous with excellence, also on its commercial channel. Our system is based on selection, quality, respect and universality.

At Pago de Carraovejas we use a selective marketing strategy of proportional shares to both national and international distributors.

Our wines are made with state of the art techniques and the most profound respect for natural processes, from the vineyard to the bottle. That is why they have a singular sensitivity and why caring for it accordingly until it reaches the table and providing close and meticulous customer care is another of our utmost concerns at the winery.

The overriding concern of all of us at Pago de Carraovejas is to maintain quality in each and every process, from the soil to consumption. Care during transportation and retail sales become also of prime importance.

According to the philosophy of continuous selection and providing quality at every step, we do not distribute our Pago de Carraovejas wines during the summer months to prevent the original condition of the wines can be altered during transport and by being exposed to excessively high temperatures and sudden temperature changes. We also require from our distributors to have suitable facilities and vehicles for storing and distributing the wines appropriately. This climate-controlled spaces and vehicles where humidity can be controlled and the aromas preserved. So the wine arrives in optimum conditions and ready to be tasted possessing all its original and unaltered organoleptic qualities.

Pago de Carraovejas wines are present in Spain and in more than 40 countries from the five continents, maintaining an image and prestige known internationally.

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