Aromatic evolution of red wine in wooden vats. Oxygenation and microbiological determinants

International Consortium Project | BESTAGEING | 2018 – 2021
Wooden vats

BESTAGEING is a French-Spanish consortium project led by Pago de Carraovejas, in collaboration with Seguin Moreau, for industrial research and experimental development. The global objective is to mitigate the lack of information and data on the development of wine in vats or wooden tanks, as well as the development of cleaning and disinfection protocols to optimise their use in the wine cellar. This will involve putting into practice new methodologies for microbiological analysis and the sensory analysis of wooden vats and experimental wines, which will represent a new feature and a technological leap forward in the wine sector at national and international level. The project also involves three Spanish universities, one French university and two private partners, all of them leaders in the European wine R&D field.

Partners: Pago de Carraovejas (project leader) and Seguin Moreau.
Collaborating entities: Universidad Complutense in Madrid,
Universidad de Alcalá, Universidad de Valladolid and the University of