The result of the effort

El Anejón 2019

The terraces of Carraovejas

Terraces overlooking the castle of Peñafiel that form an amphitheater of unique personality. Aromatics that permeate each hillside terrace. Infinite finish that whisper this wine is born to an unprecedented ecosystem.

  • Varieties: Tinto Fino (95%), Cabernet Sauvignon (3%) and Merlot (2%).
  • Alcohol by volume: 15%.
  • Soils: Soils of limestone-loam texture.
  • Altitude: 850 meters
  • Harvest: Manual, in 15 kg boxes.

The 2019 vintage was characterized by a cold winter with little rainfall.Thanks to the abundant rainfall in 2018, the vineyard retained sufficient water reserves to foster balanced development throughout the vine cycle. Budbreak and flowering developed in a balanced manner for each of the estate’s varieties. Veraison and ripening began around mid-August and the berries grew very uniformly. The harvest began on September 18, when the earliest variety, Merlot, was harvested, followed by Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon, which were harvested on October 6.

The terraces of the El Anejón plot welcome the Carraovejas Valley. Its uneven terrain makes it a natural amphitheater in front of the privileged views of the Peñafiel castle. It is one of the first terraced plots in Ribera del Duero and one of the few examples of terraced vineyards in the entire appellation. The soil of its terraces has a very compact limestone-loam texture. The presence of white calcareous salts contributes, along with other factors, to give the wine a singular
minerality. The aromas of flowers and the balsamic touch of an unprecedented ecosystem show the liveliness of the environment.

After an exhaustive monitoring during the ripening cycle and after an initial selection in the vineyard, the grapes are harvested by hand in small crates. The clusters go through a cold chamber and selection table where each grape is carefully selected. Fermentation in small French oak vats aims to enhance
the singularities of the terroir. The wine is transferred to new extra-fine grain 600 litres French oak barrels through gravity flow. For greater protection, the wine contains sulfites. The 2019 vintage of El Anejón was bottled in the spring of 2022.

“The 2019 vintage of El Anejón expresses the uniqueness of the western, sloped terraces that welcome the Carraovejas Valley. Three varieties planted in the estate are used in its elaboration with these proportions: 95% Tempranillo, 3% Cabernet Sauvignon and 2% Merlot. El Anejón stands out for its delicate and intense character. Its floral perfume reflects the exceptional richness hidden in the plot from which it comes. Anejon is harmony on the nose, with a silky, elegant texture and a long finish of delicate mineral notes and balsamic undertones. Only in exceptional vintages”.

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