The result of the effort

El Anejón 2010

The terraces of Carraovejas

Terraces overlooking the Castillo de Peñafiel that smell of mountains and aromatic plants. Infinite mouth that whispers that this wine is born of an unprecedented ecosystem.

  • Varieties: Tinto Fino (94%), Cabernet Sauvignon (3%) and Merlot (3%).
  • Alcohol by volume: 15.5%.
  • Soils: Soils with a chalky-loam texture.
  • Altitude: 850 meters
  • Harvest: manual, in boxes 15 kg.

The 2010 vintage was very conditioned by the freezing conditions on the night of May 6th that affected practically of the denomination of origin region just at the onset of the budding stage. We had to immediately start damage control practices at the vineyard, using green pruning techniques to select the shoots in best shape. Having to carry out such an exhaustive selection, both at the vineyard and later at the grading table, made the low yields enhanced by the correct management practices produce very healthy grapes of the highest quality. The harvest this year begun on the 12th of October and ended on the 27th of the month.

The plot, in terraces, is located on a 900 mts high 30%-40% slope. High minerality chalky soil with white limestone salts and high compaction degree. It was planted in 2001. Double Cordon Royat.

The grapes are handpicked and carried to the winery in small boxes. After a short while in a cold chamber, the grapes are gently drop into the vats by gravity. The alcoholic and malolactic fermentations are carried out in small French oak barrels (Haute Futaie). We only use the original yeast and bacteria found at the estate to show the terroir´s unique characteristics while respecting each vintage´s singularity. Wine flows into the barrels by gravity. It ages for 12 months in selected fine grain French and American oak barrels. It is clarified with natural egg whites and gravity bottled. Selected natural cork stopper. May 2012. Then it aged on the bottle. 36 months before releasing.

“The aroma of the terraces of Pago de Carraovejas”.

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