the result of the effort

Crianza 2005

The interpretation of Pago

A wine that is the truest reflection of its origin.

  • Varieties: tinto fino (90%) cabernet sauvignon (8%) and merlot (2%).
  • Alcoholic by volume: 15%.
  • Soils: limestone texture with red clays and white loams. Low granulometry and high water retention.
  • Altitude: around 850 meters.
  • Harvest: manual, in boxes 15 kg.


  • Ageing: 12 months in New and semi-new French and American oak barrels.
  • Clarified with natural egg whites.
  • Bottled: March 2007.

Sensory tasting: 

  • Color: Very intense cherry red.
  • Aromas: Very high aromatic complexity, fruity and warm.
  • Mouth: Full flavored, round, long. Very glyceric.
“Crianza is the most faithful reflection of Pago de Carraovejas. A wine that became a myth”.

Vintage history